Us vs Them – Fake, Qualified, and Real

Us vs Them – Fake, Qualified, and Real

With the iPhone, iPad, and iPad in such demand around the world, it was only a matter of time that you would see 1000’s of Factories in China and Hong Kong making Copy Parts.

One of the most common part to be copied is the LCD and Digitizer.  A Quick Lesson:  The Digitizer is the Glass piece that your finger touches on the iPhone, iPod, iPad.  The LCD is the actual display under the digitizer that gives you all of the images, colors, etc.

Now we work very closely with the Manufactures for our Products.  And we often Speak to those under covering the Factories making copy replacement parts.

There are Many Different Tiers in the parts:


3gs left-copy-and-right-originalAAA, AA, A+, A, B, C, and OEM.  OEM is the same product Apple purchases from their factories to build iPhones.  Anything else is a Copy.  Often AAA, AA, A+ will be an OEM LCD, but a copy digitizer.  The B and C are just horrible copies that you want to run from.

Typically the AAA is a New OEM LCD, anything Below that such as the AA, A+, and A is a Used LCD that was removed from a Broken Phone, and Re-installed onto a Copy Digitizer.  This of course can cause issues as heating to remove, then resealing, if not done in the most advanced factory setting, will diminish the Sharpness, Color, and lifespan of the LCD.

Copy Digitizers are Notorious for Not Fitting, or Not having the Same Bright Color as the OEM.


Some Common Tests to see if the Digitizer is Fake, is to do a water drop test.  If the Water Drop does not form a Perfect “Bead” of water, its a fake.  Same with Back Panels on the iPhone 4 and 4s.


There are many different ways for us to tell if an LCD is fake, but for the owner of the phone, its almost impossible.  The only real way is to place it next to a matching model phone and check colors.  The Phone on the Left is Original, the right is Fake.  See the color difference?


You May Ask, What does this have to do with me anyways?  Well, if you are on our page, you most likely need a iPhone Repair in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Phoenix, Mesa, or Beyond.

So Often we get asked, what’s the different between you or the other companies?  That question always comes up because lets be honest, We are not the “CHEAP” guys in Town.  We pride ourself in our Technical Experience.  We are Certified and go through extensive training. Your iDevices are very advanced items and require extremely careful handing during a repair.  Any slightest amount of dust, finger print, or static electricity will either destroy your iPhone/iPad/iPd, or it will reduce its life spam drastically.

The Cheap shops in town, guys with the low low prices that make you say hmm.. you can guarantee they are using the Low Grade Copies.  How is that?  Because Original, Straight from the Factory, Cost most than they are charging you.  No matter if you are buying $Millions in inventory a month.

So as the old saying Goes, You Get what you pay for.

You can have a World Recognized Shop, written about in the most prestigious magazines, with techs who are certified, and also Back Ground Checked (lets be honest, your life is on your iPhone/iPad/iPod) complete your repair…. Or you can go to a here today, gone tomorrow shop, where a low paid employee is going to have access to work on and look in your iPhone!

** Don’t be one of the Countless Clients I have (check my blog posts often for pictures and their stories), who have to spend more money to get the repair done right.  Unfortunately, anyone with a limited, or no warranty, most likely is not “A Believer” of there work and quality of parts.  Unfortunately all my clients end up in the same scenario, the repair that was just completed, only had a 7 Day warranty, just long enough to get them out the door!

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iserviceaz Tim is the Founder of iService, LLC, one of the Fastest worldwide growing iPhone, iPad, iPod Mobile Repair service and Buy Back companies. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter. Over the past 5 Years, Tim has expanded iService and Completed 20,000 Repairs for individuals and has accounts at some of the Largest Corporate Firms in the US. All Repair Techs are Certified and Background Verified for the Customers Piece of Mind.